What Is the Best Material For a Garage Door In Tucson?

garage-door4Garage doors can look different on homes all around Tucson. These garage doors in Tucson can be installed by the pros at A1 can include an extended variety of brilliant surfaces and designs that will make any surface look unique. These doors can come in many colors and can include a few different textures.

However, there’s more to creating a garage door in Tucson than just finding a way to create a beautiful design. The options for garage doors around the city are varied and need to be checked upon. All of these choices have their own special positives but they have a few issues to watch for.


Wood is a traditional material that is used on any rustic homes around Tucson. It can be stained with many colors and can come with different carvings and other special accents to make it look its best. The stains can especially come with different colors or shades depending on what people want.

However, much more can be found in wood. In particular, wood can handle bumps and many light actions from things like basketballs bouncing into it. It can also be prepared with a foam-based insulation materials around its inside part to not only keep the wood sturdy but also keep it from letting in far too much air.

However, wood materials may have to be repainted or refinished on occasion. This is needed due to the extensive contact that the paint on a wood surface can get with the sun’s rays.


Aluminum is a popular metal that is often used on garage doors around Tucson. It’s noteworthy for being capable of resisting dents and rust. This is a lightweight type of metal that is easy to handle and will not create a large amount of pressure on getting different items. This is designed to keep garage door openers from being too dangerous.

However, aluminum can cost a massive amount of money. It can cost at least ten thousand dollars to get some aluminum garage doors installed in Tucson and can be difficult for some to handle.


Steel is also noteworthy for people to try. Steel is strong, tough and will not require as much maintenance as what people would get from other options. The color can be added into the steel during the manufacturing process to create a sturdy look.

However, steel doors always have to be maintained with care. Steel doors can dent easily and may need to be taken apart at times to be repaired. Many steel surfaces are also prone to rusting.

Also, a fiberglass component may be added over a steel door if desired. This can protect the door and keep it from rusting but it will cause the color to fade over time due to the sun’s rays. Also, it can cost thousands in some cases to get a fiberglass component added.

Homes in Tucson could use all of these impressive garage door materials. These are great things that can add quite a good look to a garage and complete the look in any home. Still, people should watch for how well these garage doors are designed.

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