Garage Door Openers- Smartphone compatible, safer, more peace of mind

garage door opener

garage door openerGarage Door Openers- Smartphone compatible, safer, more peace of mind
Before smartphones were ever invented garage doors were opened with a little visor remote control within your own driveway. If you wanted to keep your family safe from unwanted intruders from opening your garage door you would have to buy a garage defender. Back before smartphones everything had a separate remote or defender to open your doors, keep your loved ones safer, and give you more peace of mind that was before they knew about the LiftMaster Door Opener. You can visit Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Sacramento for more information.
The new LiftMaster Elite Series 8550W has some amazing features every homeowner is going to want to have. Safety and peace of mind are a thing of the past with this new garage door opener. There will be no more having to run home from work because you forgot to close the garage door. With the LiftMaster Elite Series 8550W you will have the latest technology in garage door openers.
Elite Series 8550W now comes fully supported with Wi-Fi capabilities. garage door defenderWith the MyQ Technology now monitor and control your garage door opener anywhere with the touch of the button on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will easily receive peace of mind with the push notifications on your mobile device alerting you of the status of your garage door, this means if the door is ajar the push notification will alert you. You also receive a 3 button visor remote control and a smart control panel.
The new Elite Series 8550W is known for its safety and security measures like no other brand before it. It will come with a Security+ 2.0 safeguards garage access. This means that every click a new code will be sent to the garage door opening ensuring that the door does not inadvertently open without the ride connection. As a homeowner you will also have the Posi Lock locks which locks down the door by electronically monitoring against forced openings. A time to close the door automatically after a pre-programmed number of minutes. Alert 2 Close Warning System with provide an audible and visual warning when the garage door is about to close using the MyQ Technology or Timer to Close. This garage door opener also features a motion detector and a Protector system. These new features will help secure and protect your family and home from any intruder.

Homeowners now can have the most effective safety, security, latest technology, and peace of mind with garage door openers. You will find a wide variety of Liftmaster Garage Door Openers,Sacramento area by going online or visiting your Yellow Pages directory. Most any business who carries the Liftmaster Garage Door series will be able to inform you of installation and pricing options. For safe of mind contact your local Liftmaster Garage Door Openers, Sacramento today! Live with a peace of mind knowing you have the latest safety garage door opener you can get that has amazing security features and new WiFi connectable options to keep you connected virtually anywhere on the planet.

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